Why do people remain stagnant in Life?

They throw away their Talent: If you may ask, how can someone throw away his/her idea? There are many ways one can loose his/her talent.

Some loose it because they don’t have money. There is nothing one can do when there is no money is the popular saying: But I can tell you that there is one million and one thing one can do when there is no money. If you have gotten an idea/talent which you think is worthwhile, the first thing you should do is to put it into writing and then strategize your plans on how you think you will go about it if there was money. Look for ways of executing these talent/ideas. Don’t wait until you have millions of Naira before you can start doing something worthwhile on your ideas/ talent. There is an MTN billboard that Reads “Everything Big Started Small go Start Something” if you are not careful you might loose these ideas to someone else. So please start something no matter how small and look for people who can believe in your dream to sponsor it. Don’t be afraid to meet them no matter how rich or influential that persons can be, be very bold and believe in yourself. Before you know it, you will see your self at the top of your ladder.

Some loose their talent/ideas because they don’t believe in themselves. If you are this type of person I am sorry, you have a long way to go. The first step to greatness is to believe in yourself, believe in the good talent or idea of yours. These types of people that do not believe in their talents go to people for advice. Unfortunately the persons they go to meet might not see that vision the way you see it, hence will try to discourage you, I do not mean that going to people for advice is bad but before you can go to anybody for advice look at the achievement and records of that person. Even when that person you think has all these achievements and records try to condemn your ideas, request for critical analysis. When alone revisit your idea once again and check on how to further improve on it. See if you think there is a future for that positive idea you’ve got. If you are very convinced and you think there is a future for that positive idea that it is a good one please don’t drop.

Some loose their ideas because they feel inferior to their dreams. Don’t ever feel inferior to your ideas/dreams, it is very dangerous. Always think big of yourself. Don’t ever underrate yourself. Tell yourself every time that I am born to reign. I will make it etc. Some even confused themselves by believing that they are fit for the chosen talent/dreams, some even say it is too big or small for me. My qualification is too big for this dream or is too small for this dream, etc. Note that any of these taught if not properly handled can destroy your dreams. There is no dream that is too small or big for you.

For instance I remember when I was younger, there was nothing like pure water. The only thing we saw then was “ice- water” that was tied in nylons and people were buying it. This was on until one person woke up one day with an idea of improving on this, He did not look at himself that he was a graduate or that he was too big to sell iced water instead he sat down looked for a way to make that water he wanted to sell to be more acceptable to the public. He differentiated his own brand from the common “ice water pure water”, seal the nylon, he went further to print on the nylon a distinct name and till today that dream did not die. People started buying it, before imitation came in. Today there a million and one people making pure water.

Some people also limit themselves to their present status, they like to live their life the way they see it, they don’t believe they can make it in life they lower their goals. There is nobody God created without a brain, it depends on the way you use it. Don’t let inferiority complex be a part of you, work on your ideas and the sky will be your limit. Don’t let what people feel or say about you discourage you. Don’t say people will laugh at me or reject me when they see me do this, they might reject or laugh at you from the onset but with time they will get used to it. Whoever fails to do what he/she is inspired to do because of what people will say or feel will remain stagnant in life and can not blame God for being a failure when you loose your brilliant ideas in the process. The only person to be blamed is you.

Some loose their ideas to bad decisions. They throw away their ideas because they feel that ideas are impossible. They feel nobody has done something like this before. I can not be the first person to do these. Always remember that you are who you think you are, don’t ever underrate any dream. If you must know, there are many ideas that come to one’s mind that can make one big but because of the way one thinks one may lose these ideas. Then maybe later in future, one sees that type of idea in existence then one will remember one had once had the dream before. I see people lamenting that you see these programmes they are doing on TV; I once had these types of idea before, but nobody to assist me. At times, somebody can even say one person stole his idea, but the truth is God brings to every one millions of ideas that are the same. He knows there will be one wise person to go for a distinct idea. So please don’t ever make any bad decisions over your God given ideas/talents. Even if you don’t have money to do it as at that point in time, you can start building your plans on how to go about it when the money comes. Remember I said earlier on that there is no plan when it is not on paper, somebody else might start up that idea/talent of yours in the process. This does not mean it is the end of the road for that dream; you just have to strategize and look at how that person did his own, improve on it and do your own in a more different and unique way.

Some loose their ideas to excuses. An excuse is one of the greatest doors to failure. Some will say assuming I had money I would have done this or I cannot do this because someone else has started doing it. I am not doing it because people may mock me when I am doing it etc. If you are the type that knows how to give excuses for been a failure, I think you will remain a failure until you learn to stop giving excuses. I strongly believe as I had said earlier that there is no job you can not do, the only thing that matter is the way you go about it, and the way you carry yourself with what you do. When you have an idea that has been in existence or people have had before you, all you should do is to modify that idea and do it your own way.

Some people loose their own ideas to false prophesy. They have been told that they can not make it in life, so whatever dreams that come their way they discard it. They already believe nothing good can come out of them, they believe they are useless so no idea is worthwhile. If you are in the category, don’t let anyone deceive you, be determined that no false prophesy can stop you from making it, pray fervently and I am sure you will make it.

Therefore always remember that there is no idea that is not worthwhile. God will not give you a good idea he knows you will not be able to achieve. Don’t ever allow people such as friends, neighbors, families and even enemies make your decisions for you. Try your best to make sure your own opinion matters a lot to you, Note that they can share their opinions with you on how you should go about your ideas or life, but never allow them to have a final say, let your mind, your own opinion be the final. Remember you will be the one to live with whichever decision you make in life. Always do what you think is best for you. Be true to true yourself, your ideas and your dreams. Always have faith and let it be in control of all your decisions, have faith that you will attain your goals.

Learn how to manage your ideas, be positive to every good ideas that come to your mind. I believe that if not a million and one idea, a thousand and one idea flows through our mind everyday. Although 95% of it might be bad ideas but you should be able separate the bad ideas from the good ones. Do you know that what changes your status, class and life is just an idea, don’t let any of your good ideas/talent slip away. Hold on to it because it might take you years to get another valuable idea. Note also that when you lack good ideas that can turn you into a celebrity, you will be celebrating those that are supposed to be celebrating you.


hi there, I'm debbieyannie an aspiring writer from Ogun state, Nigeria. I love writing motivational / inspirational pieces. This is my first step at publishing my thoughts. I hope you like it.

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hi there, I'm debbieyannie an aspiring writer from Ogun state, Nigeria. I love writing motivational / inspirational pieces. This is my first step at publishing my thoughts. I hope you like it.

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