Born into a world of poverty, we struggle,
to stay alive amidst much wickedness, we struggle,
with fake smiles everywhere, we struggle,
to play everyones game, and yet carefully struggling
not to step on another man’s toes.

To get into Primary school is a struggle,
to get into Secondary school is another struggle,
then into University, a major struggle.
WAEC, JAMB – Jericho walls of struggles,
Much walls fade away with FINANCIAL APPRECIATIONS,
see-them first, then they-see-you-in return.
while some people just ‘see’ there way around,
others just struggle
fingers are not all equal in this hand of struggle,
but if you want to take it to God in prayer,
Faith and Miracles become another struggle.
You don’t know anybody on the ‘inside’,
so stay ‘outside’ and just struggle.
Later, if you make it in comes the ‘tuition struggle’:
Mommy, Daddy and yourself working double time –
You have to pass that subject with a Struggle,
Not becoz you don’t study,
but when you don’t SEE Mr. Professor,
he doesn’t SEE you with a passmark, so you’ll still struggle.
Worse is if you’re female,
its either you’re in his bed,or your grades are in the red.
Many times, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,
many ‘future’s destroyed in this life of struggle,.

How many extra years in the Uni? STRIKE Struggle
Later, after God has mercy, NYSC Struggle.
“Sorry, your school failed to submit your name,
so stay at home”, with nothing to do? Struggle,
or maybe, “sorry you have to retake this paper,
which you passed 1-year ago” – Struggle.
At the Ajuwayah camp itself is a Struggle
to be safe, secure and to manage Alawi, all Struggles.
Posting letter becomes a Struggle to keep.
your integrity – a kudos to female Struggles.
Primary assignment – Struggle;
to be accepted is number one Struggle,
if it stinks, to be rejected is another Struggle,
and to be reposted is another kind of Struggle.
1-year of National Life Wasting Service – a time of struggles.

Later looking for work – Struggle
‘you better go to that company there, where
you have a BROTHER to get you in’ – Struggle.
No fairness anywhere, forget your certificate,
else in the labour market, you’ll just Struggle.
To achieve your goals in life, you’ll Struggle
against those struggling to pull you down.
To do your work peacefully is a Struggle
against dangerous colleagues,
only looking for BETA TO CHOP.
They care not for who is on their way.
Promotion at work is a struggle.
While you work your ass out still on the same level
others work their ass around and up to higher grounds.
No contacts in high places,
you’ll sit in the low places and continue the struggle.
If you have LONG LEG, no Struggle
but soon, again and again will come this struggle:
when big-daddy or mommy demands a favour in the illegal
and so to do the right or wrong,
for and against your own conscience you’ll struggle,
when you remember: you didn’t get ‘here’ all by yourself.

So many simple things in Nija life – all Struggles:
To enter a bus, a major Struggle:
grown ups that don’t know how to line up,
as you struggle to climb in, you Struggle
to keep your belongings with you,
else, you see them no more.
Sitted in the bus even is more Struggle,
as the driver leaps from pothole to pit,
and you Struggle to keep yourself on sit.
A broken back-bone in a 20-naira bus.
To get off the bus is part-2 of the struggle.
NEPA struggle, buy your own generator,
water struggle, dig your own well,
security struggle, get your own mallam,
and a dog that is always pissed and angry at strangers.

Get a life, get married, settle down,
buy a car, get a house, all Struggles,
gates ajar equals arial boys a-beckoning,
double check and use french-padlocks.
as you Struggle to sleep, you struggle to stay asleep.
thinking of when Area boys will pay you a visit?
Make sure you always have five-thousand in cash.
Hand it over through your window,
happy armed robbers, happy you.

Civilian struggles against political struggles,
state stuggles against national struggles,
family struggles against tribal stuggles,
personal struggles, general struggles
If you’re not looking for somebody’s trouble,
somebody with trouble might be looking for you.
claim your way with a Struggle
not here, You wont get anywhere without a Struggle.

My Africa, the capital of Struggle
everywhere, in everything – Struggle,
over the easy and the difficult – Struggle,
who will help us as we Struggle?
Do we pray: God, give us more strength to Struggle?
or rather that God remove the Struggle?
no wonder many flee to pastures yonder,
where life can go on without Struggles.
25 year-old young men with gray hairs becoz of Struggle,
thinking about that itself is a Struggle.

by John “The Beloved” Ajewole
March 21, 2003


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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