question: what is next to Selfishness?

Just recently, a pastor in Nigeria, quoted, told his congregation “even if bread becomes NGN1,000.00(one thousand naira) per loaf, my God will provide for you to buy it“. His congregation replied with a loud AaaaMmmmmEeeeNnnnn! (he continued his preaching…..)

How Selfish!

In an economy where some families cannot afford to feed daily on about $2(300-Naira) per day, here is a pastor praying for God’s provision when it worsens. If a loaf of bread in Nigeria becomes a thousand Naira, shouldn’t this pastor, his pastor-colleagues and the entire members of his church go to God in prayer? Shouldn’t this be a cause for National alarm?

If God indeed provides only for the members of his church to buy a loaf of bread for one-thousand Naira, what will happen to other Christians, members of other churches without the same financial blessing? how about non-Christians, Nigerian citizens of other religions, pagans, even idol-worshippers, etc? what would happen to the destitute and the poor who don’t know the way to the Church? how about the children with no parents or guardians? those who walk the streets day after day? adults whose abode is under bridges and sideways, in public places because they have nowhere to call home? how about those who are advanced in age and who have nobody to take care of them?

The kind of prayers some pastors pray for their congregation in Nigeria these days amaze me. Earlier this year, I heard a pastor pray for his congregation and “prophesy” that God will provide for 500-people in the congregation that day their own personal-airplanes before the end of the year. Lo and behold, another resounding Amen from the congregation.

The number of airplanes owned by all airline operators in Nigeria is not up to 500. If God provides 500-members of a single congregation an airplane each, by the time each of these members decide to “flaunt it and give the glory to God as they fly their airplanes from one end of Nigeria to another, the word “terrorism” would become a virtue.

Another thing that amazes me is that nobody in these kinds of congregations see any problem with those prayers. I often wonder if they really really believe that God would answer such prayers?

My People, My People, I pity my people. My people, our pastor and his church members have forgotten:

  • That Abraham was safe where he lived and it was Lot and his family who were in potential danger, having become residents of Sodom and Gomorrah, a city on whom God was about to destroy. They forgot that it was Abraham who took it on himself to negotiate with God on behalf of the entire city just because of his nephew, Lot.


  • Our pastor has forgotten that though Moses was brought up in the palace, he still “had compassion” on his people, Israel, who didn’t even know he was one of them. He identified with them even at his own peril. Moses had all the opportunity of becoming the next Pharaoh, but he decided to identify with the suffering masses around him. There was a time in his life when he asked God to blot out his name out of God’s book if God wouldn’t forgive Israel for their own sins. How selfless.


  • Our pastor has forgotten that God became displeased with Jonah after he decided to run away from an instruction to go preach to the inhabitants of the city Nineveh. Perhaps Jonah felt that since he wasn’t a Ninevite, it wasn’t his business if God’s wrath is poured on the city.


  • Should we still talk about the Good Samaritan?

I rest my case.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, what is next to selfishness?

your comments and opinions are welcome!


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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