Praising God in a new dimension – by HayWhy

I was so blessed by the above I had to transcribe it:

When you worship Alpha, you will go far,
When you praise Omega, you will grow Mega,
When you are thankful, your tank will be full,
Because so many people are lanlords of the cemetry,
Lots are tenants of the motuary,
many more are candidates of Obituary,
But we are worshippers in His sanctuary,
because His love has been keeping us right from January,
Coupled with His goodness written in our diary
and all these, He has done without collecting a salary.

Celebrate Him, He is worthy

The Bible says unto us a Child is born,
and unto us a Son is given,
the government shall be upon His shoulder,
His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.
In my little discovery, I call Him arugbo ojo that is greater than Obasanjo,
He is Oba Aiku that is far better than Atiku,
Oba ti n gbo adura even after the death of President Yar Adua,
He has been on the throne even before the arrival of Mongo park,
He waits for no approval from David Mark,
He is the Lord of all tribes yet He has no tribal marks,
Oba ti n se gudu gudu meje jejanla ninu ibu
even after the death of baba adedibu,
Our God is Oba ti n gbo adura even after the death of President Yar Adua,
Arugbo ojo, His tenure doesnt expire like that of Obasanjo,
Oba aiku, His kingdom is far beyond that of Atiku

I call Him the Lord God almighty,
Ogbonge in diversity, Odeshi in brutality,
Crowned in royalty, so lets bow in loyalty,
and worship his majesty.

He never went to university, yet the capability of his mentality
superceeds the totality of professors even in their conformity
At the mention of his identity, principalities are in perplexity
despite the density of his responsibility, no vacancy for impossibility

I call Him rock of ages, my dearest rock,
He is more reliable than Aso rock,
He is ose no buada resides in Africa,
yet His presence is highly felt in America
I mean the Lion of the tribe of Judah
He is more superior than the governor of Florida,
He that is enthroned far beyond Washington
He is more adorable than Denzel Washington.
in His hands he holds the master keys
that is to say He has better things to offer than Alicia keys
My God that opened the womb of a barren woman Hannah
He can do more wonders than Rihanna.

In His own image, He made Adam and Eve,
that is to say He is more goodlooking than Genevieve
Our God is baba agbalagba that is full of mercy
He is more skillfull than Drogba and Messi,
He doesnt use GSM, twitter of Facebook,
yet millions of people call Him,
follow Him and seek His face, daily in His book.
He is Jehovah Adonai, my number-1
He responds faster in time of trouble than 911
Ancient of days that uses no goggle,
yet He sees wider and faster than google.

I call Him the Lord God almighty,
that can never be compared with Doncan Mighty
our God is original ruggedy baba
He is more humorous than even Ali Baba,
Messiah that lifted us higher
He is far lifted higher than Timaya
the greatest God with capital G
He is better in swagger than even Terry-G
the great master over koko-master
Jehovah Nissi, don over don jazi.

I call Him Jehovah God of 2-4-7,
that can turn situations around before the count of 7,
and still forgive your iniquities even after 70×7
the master of creation,
that reigns from generation to generation,
He died in crucification,
better chapter for your emancipation,
through His condemnation,
you obtain divine justification,
and before his ascension to His mansion,
He made provision for your vision,
He is your portion and possession,
in all ramification,
the God of your commission,
that for-knew you even before your creation,
nothing like omission in his mission,
your present help in every situation,
that lifted you from the place of opposition,
and set your fit on a higher position,
the center of your attraction,
the end of every discussion,
beautiful beyond description,
and not limited by your own imagination.

That is why I want to tell you that in 2014,
your help will not come from abroad,
but surely from above.
Because it is not by merit but by mercy,
it is not by class, but by Christ,
it is not based on government policies,
but on Gods promises,
not by university degree, but by Gods decree.

He that can recharge you without charging you with any charge,
He can give you more power than Jack Power in 24-hours to rise above any tower.
for there is no light to batter or scatter that He cannot gather and put together
The Bible says I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help,
hear my own version:
your help cometh from the Lord,
the Lord God, able, stable and unbeatable,
he will never suffer your feet to tremble,
for He that keepeth you will never fumble
though rebels may gather round your table,
no shaking they will surely tremble and brutally crumble,
for Jehovah God is most reliable
in Him, you overcome every trouble,
though your today may still stumble or tumble,
no shaking, your tomorrow is made palatable.
for our God is every able and available,
to make you stable even when you stumble,
never ever to crumble:

that is why I say: aspire to acquire your desire which you admire
if by the road you perspire, do not retire but refire to acquire your desire which you admire
because in Isaiah, even in Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Obadaiah, Zephaniah and Zechariah,
it is the desire of Messiah to grant your hearts desire,
so when you aspire to acquire your desire which you admire,
hear me sir,
so when you aspire to acquire your desire which you admire,
expect to perspire,
but when you get tired, do not retire, but look up to messiah,
He will rekindle your fire, and never will you go hey-wire.
Shout Halleluyah



Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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