Pastor 419, Member 418

Wassup Church, wassup Church,
raise your hands in the air
praise God like you just don’t care
wassup church, wassup church
, “
pastor 419 leading his worship.

Has God called so many pastors today?
by their works, we shall know them,
so the Holy Bible says.
In the days of old, we read of the prophets,
but todays prophets now go after profits,
preaching from reveresed Bibles
telling lies and then collecting offerings.
“let the people give their all to the Lord,
he who gives largest,
becomes God’s favorite”
They have forgotten John Bunyan,
Pilgrims progress is now profit process,
who made the evangelist rich?
is covetousness next to Godliness?
Joblessness is now next to pastorship
and Mr. nobody is now Pastor Famous
Oh God, deliver us from this Chaos.

Nigerian Pastors who grew up in the Holy Ghetto,
where this ghetto is, i just don’t know.
everybody is now rapping in the Holy spirit
“can someone please make a holy noise
wassup ya’ll wassup church”
the noise is so loud, my ears are going deaf,
Holy ghost everybody hell yeah,
New Yorker pastors have never left Nigeria,
yet all of them can speak through their noses.
Pick any street on any given Sunday
in houses left, right, people gather for fellowship
cell-group here and cell-group there
3-story building with one church on each floor
“brother, sister, let the holy spirit take control,
don’t stop at the first or second,
come up higher to glory”
thats what the 3rd-floor Church advert reads.
House fellowship here and there
attend the Church once and you become a “brother”,
every uncompleted building has become Holy Ground,
t’was one Church that started it,
now, all others have copied it.
Is it because we are all so zealous,
is it because all truly are seeking Jesus
or rather pastors find everyway to keep their members
who jump from one fellowship into another,
in search of “all the other things” except God,
“everybody come to my Church in Jesus name,
God will provide for you after the Service
a love-gift and a token, after every service”
fellowship with us, because of this naira?
Jesus prayed that his followers will be saved
not for large crowds and large numbers,
pastor 419 is Jesus in the opposite.

so much religion
so much deception
and yet, everyone claims to love Jesus
On Sundays, every church is full
men, women, children and youth
looks like Heaven’s perfect picture on earth.
oops, its awfully wrong…
worse are the pastors that are preaching death,
lips filled with saintly worlds,
hearts bound to satan’s cords,
but all of them seem to know its the end-time
so revivals and deliverances are at its prime:
Friday night is always Night Vigil
each church is just binding the devil
after binding the devil, then they bind their enemies,
“Holy Ghost fire, pursue them,
in Jesus name, let them die, die, die
break their spinal cords, o Jesus
kill them, let them die, die, die”
Jesus prayed for Life,
but these people pray for death,
and theirs is hooked up with some miraculous display
therefore, many flock to their Churches every Sunday
and their followers don’t make Nigeria a better place,
I am forced to ask: what did they hear in Church?
what exactly did the Pastor preach
Do they open their Bibles to read in private,
or whatever pastor says becomes the ultimate,
I thought the Bible even says “search the scriptures”
but rather, deception is prime for the features.

Monday Night equals breakthrough night
Tuesday Night equals victory night
Wednesday Night equals prosperity Night
Thursday Night equals freedom Night
Friday Night equals back to sender
Saturday Night is Holy Ghost Night
Sunday Morning is Sunday service
Sunday afternoon is singles fellowship
Sunday Night is ressurection Night
if we just had one-more day,
i believe it will have its own activity.
pastor 419 is not alone in this blame
member 419 too, its just a sad story.

author: Tokunbo Ajewole, June 14, 2005


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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