Our Politico, Our Politica

Politico, politica, Nigerian politicking,
when is election coming? is the date near or far?
all aspirants said they’ll try to wipe away a tear?
tension rising, here and there campaigning?
Hear their sirens cruising on the narrow streets,
you had better and quickly disappear,
if you don’t want a temporal or permanent clear
their bodyguards will run you over like a toad.

The land is dominated by the corrupt –
greedy gregs preaching love but looking for money,
with an, “If I were president or governor or whatever
this and this and this and this is what will be,”
land reform, resource control, more jobs and houses,
food on the table, name it – they said it all:
na lie o – no be today wey we don dey hear am,
sooner or later, many things they will disrupt.

Terrific speeches, like wisdom from above,
419 has repented and now loves his country,
promising to bind captors and set the captives free
long standing mountains, they promised to move
The truth: honesty is the last thing on his mind
as he looks for what he stands to gain,
he’ll do everything, his goals to attain,
by all means, he must leave all others behind.
The sooner he captures power,
the sooner our troubles start
from his promises, he’ll surely depart.
to settle his pocket: before, now and forever.

Soon, friends from here and there begin to come,
each one asking for their own share,
and when the requests become too heavy to bear,
they’ll combine to blow him out like a storm.

And when it all comes out, we’ll say ‘let’s investigate’
but where’s the honest policeman for the job,
with clean hands, not part of the 20 naira mob,
who will uncover the wrongs while we wait.
Show me the honest politician in this land,
who truly fears God and loves the fatherland.
who will come second and put Nigeria first,
where is the honest politician?
Decay upon decay,
we have cried too long, now we can only sob,
it was first a flip, then a flop
It is only God can show us the way.



author: Tokunbo Ajewole, Dec 21, 2002


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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