Of Jairus daughter and the woman with an issue of blood

Mark 5: 25 – 43

She was just ‘a certain woman’ with an issue of blood. She wasn’t known by her name, she was known by her problem. The severity of her problem is explained in what she had suffered, and for how many years she has suffered it. Sometimes a problem could consume your name and your identity, such that others and yourself can’t identify you anymore outside your problems.

Soon, we loose sight of who we are, who He is, what we are to Him, who He is to us. We might loose sight of who we were meant to be, and what He could do in us, for us and through us.

And as we loose sight of who we are, we magnify our problems instead of His power and His promises.

It is hard to believe God while we still have many options. Sometimes we don’t really believe God when we trust the other things. But Faith is born when man’s ability fails. Faith starts at the point of man’s limitation. We never pray about things within our capacity to perform, in fact, we help ourselves rather than asking Him to help us.

It was a huge crowd following Jesus. People were in front of Him, others were by His side, and many were behind Him. It was only 1-person who received a miracle, and she was at his back.

The woman initiated the miracle. You need to climb over your history in order to touch your destiny. There was a great crowd was around Him, yet, she pressed through all the crowd, moving through all of the entourage surrounding Jesus, she comes up behind Him in the press.

He wasn’t looking at her,
and He’s moving,
and He’s healthy,
and He is young,
and she’s sick,
and she’s weak,
He is whole,
and she’s broke,
and she still caught up with Him.
A hemorraging patient,
who has been afflicted for 12-years,
meanwhile, an entourage of young men followed Jesus,
moving with Him to an emergency crisis situation:
an emergency situation for someone else: Jairus’ daughter,
she was sick and lay dying.

Life is tough, and sometimes you just have to press on, amidst so many challenges, you just have to continue move ahead.

She came up behind Him,
not seeking for an appointment,
not even asking Him anything at all,
not even getting His attention.
She could not even stand to introduce herself,
her problems were 12-years old,
it made her crawl on her knees on the floor,
just able to touch the helm of his garment.

She didn’t touch Jesus, she toughed his garments. She didn’t even touch Him. She touched something that was touching Him: the helm of the garment He wore. She could only touch His garments, and yet she got healed. She got healed not by an anointing, she got healed not by a pronouncement. Jesus didnt lay his hands on her, but she touched the helm, the lowest fabric thread of his garments, and immediately she was made whole.

One touch from the Master is all you need to be whole.

“Who touched me” Jesus asked, an indictment to the entourage of people around Him. They had been with Him all along, walking with Him but never touched Him. They had been walking with Him, but never drew down of the power and the glory, the healing and health, that comes through being with and walking with Jesus.

“Who touched me” Jesus asked, for He was touched by the feelings of her infirmities. Sometimes, its only Jesus that really knows how you feel.
The woman acknowledged that she was the one that touched Him. Why? coz “she knew within herself that she had been made whole”. You have to know you have been made whole, before you can identify with Jesus. It takes courage to be a Christian.

Jesus was on an assignment to heal Jairus daughter, not the woman with an issue of blood:
Both were sick,
both were dying.
One was a young girl,
another was a mature woman.
Both of them were in a crisis.
To one of them was Jesus going to,
and to another He was going from
The woman had been sick 12-years,
the girl was just 12-years old.
As the affliction grew in the woman,
the little girl grew into her condition,
12-years old and 12-years sick,
one is the coming generation,
the other was a hemorraging generation,
loosing blood, loosing vision, loosing strength.
As she pressed on towards Him, he ministered to Her.
On the way, they whisper to his ears, the girl is dead.
One was dying,
the other was already dead.
He gives life over here,
He heard the news that life was lost over there.

So Christ says to those who mourn,
Don’t grieve, for I am the same,
yesterday, today and forever more.
Don’t grieve, for I am the resurrection and the life.
Not only can I heal the former,
I can resurrect the latter.
When He gets to Jairus daughters house,
with the healing of the woman with the issue of blood on His heels,
the One who has been touched, now touches the next generation
and when He touches the next generation,
it is stronger than the former.
The touch of the former was a touch of healing
the touch of the latter was a touch of resurrection.

One was a healing,
the other was a resurrection.


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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