My People, My People by Acallahantu

Today, I stumbled across “another version” (not written by me) of one of my poems, titled: My People, My People. I had submitted it on several sites, for example: at the Nigerian Villlage Square’s inkpot.

I’ve pasted the modified version below. Reading my original poem and this other version side by side, I can only say : each of us sure has much love for our people.


My People, My People
my people are suppressed by impoverishment and hungriness
populating life in a day-by-day expiry and danger,
guided by leaders without go-ahead,
Mr Innocent is now at the mercifulness of stealers.

My People, My People,
My People are dissever by folk and faith
so many nouses bonded upwards to their ain views,
what your name is, and your province of root,
a lovelier hatred than the common tribalism.

My People, My People
I compassionate the land dwelt by my people,
seeing the paws that maintain the reins for its hereafter,
incapable paws looking merely for money
evil to them is equally sweet as honey,
can they make better, no it will be worse,
for they hold haved money ‘s ain oath,
struck with the African virus – selfish dream
they hold gotten to the top and drank its concotion,
waken the following day, its all blackout clip
they cognise absolutely no man,
thence they ‘ll do jurisprudences to pose all others in a tin
sealing wretched deals
for the psyche of my people,
over and over even for the unborn contemporaries.

My People, My People
there are many mendicants among my people,
rich mendicants, misfortunate mendicants in my homeland.
Some mendicants sit on soft cushioned sits,
while other mendicants merely sit in the sand.
Some mendicants invite commiseration and for assist,
while another mendicants amass theirs by force.
Our highways hold their ain mendicants,
its merely 20-naira to get a officer –
a officer among my people
official imploring, and in Uniform,
dark obligation torchlight boys
praying with guns and wands.
There are mendicants who are gaffers in their offices,
busying high places,
the only occupation they understand is accounting:
how to alter money ‘s figures from decades to 1000000,
and stack them forth and safe in bank stories abroad,
either for themselves or for their large dada.
Political mendicants are many among my people
political mendicants who are politically imploring,
service? where is the service?
service to my people ceased with national younker service
elected by themselves and ‘some people ‘,
they govern firstly so get elected,
do yourself your people ‘s took,
politicians purchasing the electors,
electors purchasing politicians,
my people selling and purchasing themselves.
its like this:
how much makes a politician cost?
give me your call card and permits discuss such,
the measure will be passed when
the house gets its “ allowance ”
you transport your Ghana must locomote,
i ‘ll transport mine
so we ‘ll get to work together
functioning my people.

& nbsp;

writer: & nbsp; Tokunbo Ajewole, June 02, 2005

& nbsp;

The above is the handiwork of acallanhantu, I’m assuming from Ghana.

much love Acallanhantu. Keep up the good work!!


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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