Inspiring Notes-02

Let Him Who Has Ears: the following are some notes I jotted down listening to some Christian messages:

1) You are inviting the very outcome you seek to avoid by allowing your actions to follow your fears.

2) It is always a strength to know the weaknesses of your friends

3) If everyone swept the front of their doors, the whole world will be clean.

4) Gospel is the only music genre with no one hit wonders

5) God doesnt make mistakes and He isn’t about to start with you

6) It takes a betrayal to realize that the only currency in the world is not money, but trust. If you got no trust, then who do you got?

7) Every now and then, you have got to take a leap off Faith

8) Life: it is either you write something worth reading around our you do something worth writing about.

9) There is nothing in this world that is deeper than loyalty in love

10) War isnt won by sentiments, it is worn by soldiers.

11) On a “woman dressed in an attire of an harlot”…..the woman becomes an harlot after she dresses in the attire.

12) Nowadays, we have women in long skirts looking seductive with deliberate intent.

13) The greatest enemy you can have is the “enemy in me”

14) You cant motivate people who have bad motives

15) Once a man understands “the system”, he stops working and starts “working the system”

16) Difference between Praise and Worship: anybody can praise God, everybody should praise God. Praise thanks God for providing him shoes. Worship thanks God even when he has no shoes.

17) Manipulators always try to bypass the process for progress

18) After the mother of the Zebedee’s mothered her children to death, she came to Jesus and asked if they could be his Kingdom bodyguards

19) There are no short-cuts to what God has for you

20) Every victor is a victim in an area of life, and every victim is a victor in another area of life

21) You can get “self help” books at the bookstore, but sometimes self cannot help self.

22) Seek the Lord, serve and trust him, even if it means you are standing alone

23) If you cant be good, be the least bad you can be.

24) Successful people only recognize fear in others

25) Trust in god and not in the vanities of this life.

26) Trust in those who offer you services and in the end you’ll find yourself in the ranks of those who’ve been decieved.

27) The price for your soul is eternal vigilance. if you once let down your guard, the devil will slip like a serpent into your mouth and forever afterwards, he will speak for you.

28) It is becoming a norm that what it takes for a man to make his way this world is to make a practice of hypocrisy; some call it “just descretion”.

29) Dont be afraid of guilt be association.

31) All of us have burdens to carry

32) Beware, for the devil takes many forms, and yet it is always the devil.


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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