Tis another Valentine,
Twill be a lot of Roses,
and a lot of poses.
So much of love,
do you Love someone?
does He know it?
does She know it?
many people talking of Love,
but only few really knowing it.

Love is kindly affectioned,
Love weathers every condition.
In the face of Opposition,
Love won’t move from its location,
rather, it looks for an opportunity
to express itself clearly.
Love won’t belittle others,
you can always cry on its shoulder.
Love doesn’t belittle itself,
it won’t fight back, not defend itself.
Love is inexhaustible,
Love will go an extra mile.
Love seeks no vengeance,
Love seeks peace.
Love does not curse under pressure,
then, it increases its tension.
Love conquers its enemy with
a kiss, not a fight.
Love is internal,
Love is external
whatever seeks to quench it
only increases its intensity.

Love is Vital, Love is eternal.
Love is Precious, Love is Consious.
Love is Beautiful, Love is wonderful,
Love is clear, Love is sincere,
Love forgives and Love forgets.
Love always sees the positive
True Love, not lust endures forever.

Love cures where medicine fails,
It is the true cure for the heart.
Love is slow to suspect, Love is quick to trust.
Love is slow to offend, Love is quick to defend.
Love is slow to expose, love is quick to shield.
Love is slow to reprimand, Love is quick to bear.
Love is slow to belittle, Love is quick to appreciate.
Love is slow to demand, Love is quick to give.
Love is slow to resent, Love is quick to forgive.

Love is a powerful word,
it is life’s greatest offensive weapon.
God is Love, He gave us Jesus.
Love is of God, Love God.
Let Love be your nature,
Let it be your primary occupation.

“I love you”,
its only three syllables,
but yet, its so hard to say.
With your heart standing before two ways:
‘What if I say it?’
‘what if he, what if she doesn’t feel it?’
It hurts to Love someone deeply,
yet, be unloved in return.
Its worse – when you Love someone
yet he, yet she doesn’t even know it.
Its like precious pearls
cast into the wind.

Would you say it? “I Love you”,
do you Love someone?
If you feel it, say it?
If you feel it, show it.
Demonstrate it, dont hide it.
If you wait and time passes you by,
the next time you’ll seek it,
you won’t find it.
Here’s what I wanted to say “I LOVE YOU!!!”

@John the Beloved Ajewole


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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