It is but human for everyone of us to hope that one day the sun would shine, and shine so bright for us to meet that special someone. Someone who would make our heart beat, someone whose voice would gladden our heart, someone with whom to share a smile even though he/she is far away. Someone to whom we open up like a flower that opens up to the sun.

Yes, I can say this is true: Eureka, I found it.

I remember what I felt the first day it happened, you know the story, and even though it may be funny, thats how it happened, and I thought: could it be true?

some time passed……..from then till now, and my feelings havent changed.

You say I don’t have friends,
it’s like an oracle, and I think its true,
but maybe God wanted it that way
so that when I meet you,
you would be my very first, true and only friend.
And honestly, if you would be my only friend,
I would have no other.


If you dont know the meaning of your name,
I know it and this what I think it means:
I am a child of God: For All I Have and am Is Through Him.
He loves me too, so: Forsaking All, I‘ll Trust Him.
Come what may, Fear Ain’t In This House,
even in Fear And /or Insecurity, i’ll Trust Him,

Eureka, I’m happy I found you, and more, when you said “Yes”, and that you love me too,

I knew that I Found an Answer In The(your) Heart,

therefore, while I’ll trust Him who gave you to me, I’ll trust you for loving me; and I will love you more each day, so help me God.

Do you know what? together, we will have

a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him

I love you,

and I want you to know its true.!

Poem written for my special someone(FAITH).


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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