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Its easy to find a girl,
its harder to find a woman,
its hardest to find a wife,

its easy to find a boy
its harder to find a man
its hardest to find a husband.

‘they say’: women are more interested in the ceremony
and that men, are more of the matrimony,
but yes, it has become a female status quo,
a level where all must reach ‘by all means necessary
the question is: after the ceremony, what next?
for men, they’ll rather wait, and wait, and wait
until the world is perfect, until the sun almost sets
thinking: “why rush?, i’m the man”.

there were many players before the wedding:
the wedding planners had their own team,
friends of the family had their own team,
the designers and officiating ministers had their own team,
the flower girls even had a team.
Then, the wedding,
and all teams were happy and gleeful.
We all cut the cake
we enjoyed the picture poses
so many laughs and shouts.
we all wished them well.
But after,
after they went back home together,
it was game over!

game over

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Game Over, we watched with excitement the players before the wedding,
the field was full with jubilation on that day of the wedding,
game over – ‘the two of us’ are the only players after the wedding,
just the two of us, now and forever.

the players at the wedding won’t live with us,
our parents and friends wont live with us,
after a visit to the gents and ladies, our cakes, pastries and sweets are over,
game over coz they will attend another couple’s wedding next saturday.
We have crossed from ‘bride and groom’ to family
game over because now we are stuck, stuck together:
cos ‘where I go, she goes’,
cos ‘where she goes, I go’,
game over coz now, its the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
game over coz ‘we have taken the first step’, together and forever,
game over coz the real game has just begun.

ayotokunbo ajewole 01-Jan-2008


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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