‘omo’, means child in the Yoruba Language, and so OmoJesus means “child of Jesus: or “Jesus’ Child”. For a little-history about the name, click here.

We all need to be inspired daily to be a complete package of who / what God wants us to be. OMOJESUS is where all of Gods children gather to do just one thing: inspire one another.

OmoJesus seeks to inspire others through his/her words. Here, we publish our articles, poetries, short stories, and whatever has benefited us spiritually which can be of benefit to someone else.

OmoJesus is open and free for all like-minds, aspiring inspirational writers / interested contributors, who seek a public exposure. It doesn’t have to be always religious, but it must inspire positively. You are welcome to read, make comments about what you read and even submit your own articles for publication.

To submit an article, CLICK HERE, or to contact us for more information, CLICK HERE.