A moment of silence for AJAGUNNA Adebowale Olufunso, PhD

This is the first of such on this site, and it is dedicated to someone special: Mr. AJAGUNNA Adebowale Olufunso

I met Mr. Debo(as he’s usually called) for the first time in Ghana in 2003 at the Nkuruma University of Science and Technology. It was in an Academic environment. Right from our first meet, I felt something strong within me that indeed he was a child of God and we instantly kicked off as friends. Throughout the weeks we spent in Ghana, one thing I observed about Mr. Debo was that any conversation we had always led back to God, somehow somehow. I observed he was a strong man of Faith and I was really challenged. We talked about the Bible, about Christianity, about Holiness, his whole thought pattern seemed to revolve around ‘Jesus’, and everytime, I felt more and more at home with him spiritually.

The next time we met was in Abuja, sometime 2005. My work had taken me to an office of the Nigerian Ministry of Education (I dont remember which one exactly). I was on my way into the premises and he was on his way out. I was alighting from a taxi, he called my name, I looked round to see who was calling and saw Mr. Debo, a large smile crossed my face. He must have ditched his next appointment, coz we ended up leaving the premises together after about an hour. He said he came to process his application for scholarship papers; he asked me about my own studies, we talked, talked and talked.

Yes, we again talked about God, and it started with Mr. Debo asking me “how is your spiritual life?”. A couple of years later, we found each other on Facebook through some other friends we have in common. I got information about his studies in Greece, we mailed each other, etc. He moved back to Nigeria after his PhD degree.

Just this morning, I read on my FB wall that Mr. Debo is dead. He was shot in Ikare, Akoko, Nigeria by armed robbers while he tried to rescue a pregnant woman during a robbery attack.

This is so so saddening. Why Mr. Debo of all people. Oh my God.

For those who haven’t seen the photos, here they are. Armed robbers two nights ago attacked four banks in Ikare-Akoko, with explosive devices. The men arrived late at night on Monday April 30th and operated for hours without hindrance. They managed to break into the vaults of three banks using the explosive devices but were unable to penetrate the vault belonging to First Bank. They burnt down the first bank branch before leaving. Source: LindaIkeji

Here is someones comment:

Anonymous said:

My lecturer died around one of the raided banks (stray bullet). his church was closer to one of the banks and they were holding a vigil before the attack. The “irony” of it was that We (500level) wrote his exam (semiconductor technology) today and we heard the “rumor” in the exam hall. He came back last year september after completing his Phd abroad. He’s the best lecturer Ever (a father, an uncle, a brother, a friend and a teacher all in one). He was soo humble and soooo brilliant. His numerous research is all over the internet.
DR. DEBO AJAGUNNA (Physics dept. federal university of Tech., Akure), RIP sir.. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL
(facebook.com- Debo Ajagunna)

Anonymous said:

I have been the supervisor of the PhD thesis of Debo, your killed lecturer of FUTA. A friend of Debo called me today with the bad news. I could not believe it, until I reached this site. I still do not want to believe it…

Debo was a great person with rare human values. He got only friends and our respect in Greece. He worked very hard for 5 years, being far from his beloved 3 children and his wife. He came back to Nigeria to reunite his family and contribute in a better education of young Nigerian people. It is unfair, you lost the best Nigerian man!

Anonymous said…

Concerning Dr Debo Ajagunna. Glory to God for a life well spent. He was buried on Tuesday @ about 4pm, we were there to pay our last respect to him. May His continue to rest in Perfect Peace. He was indeed a very good man.

This post is for you my Friend and brother Mr. Debo. You are in a better place. Your battle is over, you have run the race. Rest In Peace in the bosom of the Lord.





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