40-marriages that must not hold – part-1

The following are some notes taken from Pastor D.K Odukoya’s message titled “40-marriages that must not hold.

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Marriage #1 to 20:

1) Fast Food Marriage: based on wild lust and foolish love. Lust dies.

2) Serpent in the pocket: marriage based on contact with an enemy of God.

3) Red Cross Society: marriage based on accidential pregnancy and abortion.

4) Thus saith the devil marriage: marriage based on demonic consultation.

5) Witchcraft marriage: marriage without clear divine approval. Every rebellion & disobedience against God is witchcraft.

6) Syringe Marriage: marriage based on blood covenants.

7) Maximum prison marriage: marriage based on demonic control, domination and manipulation.

8) Half Bread marriage: marriage based on the principle of “it is better than nothing”. A bad marriage is worse than living alone.

9) Laboratory Marriage: marriage based on trial and error, random sampling.

10) Diabetes marriage: marriage based on material / financial interests

11) Angelina to Devilina: marriage based on satanic prophecies

12) Kindergaten marriage: a marriage in which somebody is donated to a man at a young age.

13) Dark marriage: marriages established by occultic means. The man likes the woman, the woman does not like the man, so the man goes to the occult to do things to make the woman like him. After the marriage, the woman’s eye becomes open.

14) The marriage of the stranger: marriage to a person you dont know. Someone whose past, present and future you dont know.

15) Wiper of tears marriage: marriage based on sympathy

16) Bewitched marriage: marriage to people with character disorders

17) Baby marriages: marriage without maturity

18) Emergency marriage: marriage without preparation

19) Distant Marriage: long distance marriages.

20) Show glass marriage: noisy marriages that attract problems.


Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, an avid writer, and blogger (a.k.a OmoJesus)

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  • Thank you Man of God, I wish I may go back to my youth to correct, my marriage was a red cross marriage. I did not know, I wish the young coming single s can read this book and make a perfect decision. Jo!!!!!!!!!! It Is almost 96 % of this marriages.

    I wish it could be thought at school wish will encourage our coming generations to take time and make a good decision.

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